About me

I'm a User Experience Professional with a passion for solving problems using smart, and simple, User-Centered Design.

Currently I live in Lisbon and work as a Lead Product Designer for OutSystems, "the number one low-code platform for rapid application development". Before, I worked for Sky Technology Centre, SAPO and Microsoft Language Development Center, helping in the creation and development of great products like Sky Store, SAPO Mag, SAPO Biz and Living Usability Lab.

After work I'm an avid reader, movies and tv shows addict, and sort of a handyman. Oh, and a proud father and dog owner too!

Find more about my work or the methods and tools I use below. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions, comments, or would just like to say hello.

Also, make sure to check out my LinkedIn profile if you are interested in the companies and projects I have worked on.

Some of my work

A selection of publicly available projects I worked on

What I do

Here are some of my User-Centered Design methods of choice

User Research

Understand user behaviors, needs, and motivation from contextual interviews, individual interviews, surveys, task analysis, and other methodologies designed to obtain feedback.


Create abstract concepts of an interface's space allocation, content prioritization, functionalities, and intended behaviors. Also useful to generate feedback from both users and team members.


Create rapid and inexpensive paper or digital drafts of a product or page, in order to get user feedback about the design process early, before investing time and money into development.

Information Architecture

Organize, structure, and label content, creating the logic relations within the system. The purpose is to help users find where they are, what they are seeing, and what to expect. IA plays a key role in wireframing and prototyping.

Interaction Design

Create interfaces with well thought behaviors in order to respect the principles of human-computer interaction. Allows anticipating users interaction with the system, prevent problems, and create new ways of interacting with elements.

Usability Testing

Perform one-on-one sessions with real users to identify user frustrations and problems while they perform tasks with the product. Allows making recommendations to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and overall satisfaction of the user.

Metrics Analysis

Measure, collect, analyse and report collected data to understand and optimize the usage of and performance related to the product.

Heuristic Evaluation

Review the system and evaluate it against a list of established usability principles or guidelines. Results in a list of usability issues that can be arranged by severity.

A/B Testing

Create different variations of pages, or elements on pages, and equally split the traffic between them to determine which alternatives are better received by the target audience.

Toolkit & languages

Although there are many others, here is a list of some of the tools I'm using nowadays

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